No Girls Allowed: 10 Best Ways to Have an Absolutely Legendary Boys Night Out in NYC

We’re all adults now. Although we know that girls don’t actually have cooties, it's nice to pretend they do, just for a classic boy’s night out. 

Whether celebrating a new job, a bro getting hitched, or just because it’s Monday. Is a reason really necessary? Any reason is a great reason to slap each other on the back, call each other names, and let loose.

Bottom line: make time for bro time. Keep the Bromance alive. Call each other Broseph. Stuff like that.

Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered. 

So go ahead, rejoice in Bro-dom. The 5 day bro-cast shows bro-mazing times ahead. Cheers to a supercalifragilisticexpialabro-cious night. 

Ok, we’ll stop.

1. The Budget BNO: Crocodile Lounge (325 East 14th Street)

tripsmneiras Buy a Drink get a Free Pizza !!! #crocodilelounge

Because free pizza. Bros and brews come together in perfect harmony at this East Village dive bar. 


Did we mention free pizza? Order a drink and voila, true to willy wonka form, you get a ticket for a free pizza. Jackpot!

2. The “Studious” BNO: Brandy Library (25 North Moore Street)

lindseyneale Swanky whiskey bar in TriBeCa... Highly recommend. #nyc #brandylibrary #greatcompany

Because brandy and bros go together like… well, they just go together, okay? 

With a selection of 100 cocktail concoctions, tis a library indeed. One that you and your bros will want to chill in for a while. 

Then you can say you spent the night at the library. So, there’s that.

3. The Classic BNO: The Standard Biergarten (848 Washington Street)

melisstagram Das bier ist gut 🇩🇪 #oktoberfest #thestandard #highline #thestandardbiergarten

Why mess with what works? Because a sausage party deserves even more sausage. It just makes sense. 

Throw back some beers, ping some pong, foose some ball, eat some meat. Sounds like a pretty nice little night to us. By that we mean a hefty extremely masculine night, of course.

4. The Man Cave BNO: SoHo Cigar bar (32 Watts Street)

jcancel515 Last man standing smoking an Epic Corojo Reserva and a beer for the road and one of NYC's greatest spots to smoke a cigar. SoHo Cigar Bar.

Yes, smoking is bad, but a little rebellion is in your nature, so go ahead… be bad. Sit back, smoke a stogie, shoot the sh*t. 


Nothing says manly camaraderie like smoking a cigar, right? Reminisce about some good ole bro times, plan some new ones, and relax as you sip some scotch. Painted a nice little picture there didn’t we?

5. The Meaty BNO: BLT Prime (111 East 22nd Street)

bravenbrewing Dry aged #BLTPrime tomahawk steak and a Black Pale Ale please.

Because MEAT. Slabs of meat. 

But that’s not all, this steakhouse gives you a beef chart, so you can make an educated decision. Treat yo self and get a steak as big as your head, because it’s boys night after all, isn’t it?


6. The Old School BNO: Barcade (various locations)

barcade UMK3 now in Philly. #Barcade #philly

Throw it back nostalgia style with some classic video game favs and craft beers. 


So start collecting your quarters for 25 cent game playing, because here, it’s okay to play video games all night.

7. The Rock Star BNO: Arlene’s Grocery (95 Stanton Street)

arlenesgrocery We love you @coneyislandbeer! Pockets full of goodies from last night 😍😍😍😍 #arlenesgrocery #les #livemusic #coneyisland #sirensounds #freeswag

Three magic words: Live. Band. Karaoke. You’ve always wanted to be a front man in a band, so here’s your chance. Just don’t give up your day job yet. 

Monday nights are your chance to shine, or book a private party you and your bros can dominate all night long. 

The extensive song list is available on the site, so get pickin’ and practicin’ for your grand debut.

8. The Sports Enthusiast BNO: Blondies (212 West 79th Street)

3dm_nyc weekend's off to a good start

This might be an obvious one, but Sports bar, duh. Bond over buffalo wings. Order pitchers upon pitchesr of beer because that’s the only way beer should come at a sports bar. 

You’ll want to bathe in the wing sauce, or maybe that’s just us. The sheer volume of TVs and wings will have you in bro-heaven.

9. The See Us Shufflin’ BNO: The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club (514 Union Street - Brooklyn)

kenpao Things to do in Brooklyn on a cold, rainy day...shuffle board! #shuffleboard #royalpalmsshuffleboardclub #brooklyn #gowanus @spartanroyalty

This is a club you and the boys will want to join. And you thought shuffleboard was just for the cruise lovin' oldies. Games abound in this Gowanus joint…oh, and as a bonus? GIANT JENGA. 


So when you’re done schoolin' the boys in shuffleboard, keep the fun going and stack some giant wooden blocks. Because competition is fun.

10. The Boogie Down BNO: The Woods (48 South 4th Street - Brooklyn)

thewoodsbk Looking for a space to host your holiday party? The Woods has flexible options and rates ranging from a real turn up time to a laid back cocktail hour catered by @landhausnyc ✨🎉✨ contact leigh(@) for inquiries!

Show off your best moves while the DJ spins some tunes and your brothas from another motha chow down on burgers. 

Gotta limber up first? Stretch out whilst watching others bust a move; guaranteed entertainment. 

Then you and your bros should probably provide some by way of a dance off. Because, why else are you there?

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[Feature Image Courtesy The Lodown] 

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