It's gonna get real hot in the streets of New York City.

Summer in the city is incredibly different from anywhere else. There's free music being played everywhere, pools to plunge into and it's simply incredible.

But, what if you want to just stumble upon adventure? You accidentally walk into some kind of craziness all the time, so why not make sure the craziness you're stepping into will actually be a happy memory? Well, it looks like NYC comes in clutch once again.

Summer Streets is back and is providing New Yorkers with even more awesome summertime memories this year.

What makes Summer Streets so unique is that it does something that sounds absolutely outrageous to any New Yorker. For three Saturdays in August, Summer Streets closes off seven miles of road to host their events.

The closure begins at 7 a.m. and goes on til 1 p.m. and it starts near the Brooklyn Bridge and runs up to Lafayette Street. 

You can hear people chirping about closing down a few blocks for a festival now imagine seven miles? Well, we think that when these people see what Summer Streets has to offer they're gonna change their tune real quick.

Much like last year, the insanely long water slide is back. The 270-foot behemoth is sure to make you wet your pants when you're sliding down it. If anything, it seems like a good alternative to the L train shutting down.

In addition to getting wet and wild, there will also be rock climbing, zip lining and of course, dancing in the streets. You can also bike and run to get your fitness on through the streets of Manhattan.


The event goes down on August 6th, 13th and 20th. The big one to look out for is the 13th where the city is turning much of Manhattan into "Shared Streets." 60-square-blocks will have very limited traffic flowing through them from the Brooklyn Bridge area to Battery Park.



If you've been kicking yourself for missing this giant, 270-foot slide last summer, your foot probably hurts, but not as much as wherever you've been kicking yourself. But stop it already. You're scaring the children. Just make sure you don't miss Summer Streets this year.

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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]