The corpse flower at the New York Botanical Garden was the talk of the town last week.

Which makes sense, seeing as how this flower was the first of its kind of to bloom at the NYBG since 1939.

The plant budded in July, but didn't officially bloom until just last weekend.

When in full bloom the plant is said to give off an odor similar to that of rotting corpses. Delightful, isn't it?

Crowds gathered in waves to try and get a whiff of this rare occurrence last weekend, as the flower only gives off the stench of death for about 36 hours.

In fact, so many people turned out for the corpse flower that the exhibition had to remain open later than usual to accommodate for all of the folks who wanted to catch a quick glimpse of the plant.

The budding of this plant has been 10 years in making, and received as much attention as it deserved for a decade of dedication. Of course, some of us weren't so lucky and weren't able to trek out to the Bronx to check out the corpse flower.

Some people may have tuned in to the Youtube livestream of the plant, but if you didn't have time to sit down and do the equivalent of watch paint dry, there's an alternative solution.


A new time lapse video from the New York Botanical Garden shows the plant from its budding stage, all the way up to its full bloom, in a convenient 4 minute package.

You're only able to check out the view of the plant at full bloom, but you won't be getting the full effect since the video, sadly, lacks the smell of corpses. However, this plant is a pretty magnificent sight when at its peak, even without the rotting smell.

[via Viewing NYC] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]