Our Cup of Tea: Stay Warm at These 7 Tea Shops in NYC ☕️🍵

Cold? Tea. Stressed? Tea. Can’t sleep? Tea. What would we do without tea to fix all our problems? From a classic oolong tea to grass jelly milk tea, the options are endless.

Whether you’ve only had a sip, or are an expert on these hot aromatic beverages, we searched for these awesome spots to enjoy a cup of warm (or cold) goodness for the soul… and your Instagram feed.

Discover serene tea rooms to warm up in, find a quiet moment, and maybe even give chai tea a try and see what the craze is all about.

Floating Mountain (239 West 72nd St, Manhattan)

Be prepared to take off your shoes and relax after entering this serene escape in the middle of the city. This tea shop is not just a tea shop; it is a tea ceremony experience. 

Sit on the floor and warm up with some Green Bamboo Leaf tea, or check out the vases by Anna Aristova on the shelves. 

From the ceramics hand-crafted by the owners all over the room to over 60 types of specialty Chinese teas offered, there is something for all interests in this adorable tea shop.

T Shop (247 Elizabeth St, Manhattan)


Whatever tea experience it is that you are looking for, T Shop offers it all. 

Tea is served in a variety of options, from the individual cup, to a tea tasting, or a brew at the table for a group of four. Pick the tea/teas of your choice, and enjoy the warm goodness as the experts handle the rest. 

Simply sit back and relax while your taste buds send you around the world. T Shop also hosts Tea Making Mondays in which attendees can make their own tea with a sampling of each others’ tea at the end of the session.

The Hideout Chai Bar (42 Rivington St, Manhattan)


Many customers claim the chai lattes at The Hideout Chai Bar are the best they have had. Why not try it out and see for yourself? 

We all know of draft beer and maybe even draft coffee, but have you heard of draft chai? We didn’t think so. Head over to The Hideout Chai Bar to try out this unique spot. 

It doesn’t end with just beverages though, as they serve savory and sweet food options as well. Warm up indoors with their organic, fair trade teas and nibble on some fresh desserts from the highest quality bakeries around — dunking optional!

Mirror Tea House (575 Union St, Brooklyn)


A true Brooklyn hidden-gem, Mirror Tea House is a one-of-a-kind tea room. 

Upon entering the room, the airy and fresh layout will wash all your worries away. Many of their teas have special properties such as aiding in weight loss, detoxing, and digestion. 

With menu items like Sparkling Butterfly, Mirror Tea brings unique flavors from around the world to the heart of Brooklyn. This tea house offers coffee, hot chocolate, and lattes as well as their organic loose-leaf herbal teas. 

Discover the perfect tea for you!

Fang Tea (135-25 Roosevelt Ave, Queens)


Fang Tea provides a feel of China in the heart of Queens. 

At Fang Tea, the commitment to the promotion of the spirit of teaism is clear. You can find all your favorites here. From white to black to Pu'er tea , they are all served at Fang Tea. 

As well as the premium teas offered, unique collections of teaware are also on sale at the shop. Fang Tea also hosts Tea Classes in which attendees learn not only about the origins of tea, but also about the meaning of tea on a spiritual level.

Boba Guys (23 Clinton St, Brooklyn)

For our boba/bubble tea lovers, Boba Guys offers milk tea and boba milk tea with the #realest ingredients. 

Their dedication to providing the highest quality is clear in their menu. Boba Guys strives for next level quality and only use real fruit in the delicious milk teas. 

The premium loose leaf teas, fructose-free homemade syrups, and local, organic, rBGH-free milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery all add to the goodness.

Alice’s Tea Cup (220 East 81st St, Manhattan)


Disney fans, rejoice! Alice’s Tea Cup will make your childhood fairytale fantasies a reality. Enter this cute little tea shop and experience the Victorian era. 

In addition to black, oolong, white, green, white, rooibos, and herbal teas, Alice’s Tea Cup offers house blends with fairytale inspired names such as Alice’s Faerie Potion. The menu doesn’t only include teas. 

Carrot cake, red velvet cake, cookies, scones, and even french fries are served to pair with your beverage of choice as well. Embrace your inner child and unwind with some tea and sweets with your friends.

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