Few celebrities embody New York's eclectic spirit as fully as artist Andy Warhol. 

His soup cans, superstars, and avant-garde style defined an era, and its an era we're getting more and more nostalgic for as the years pass and the times change.

And maybe we can't go back in time to those glorious days gone by, but we can revel in his legacy—  because somebody finally parlayed the artist's indomitable reputation into a reason for a hip themed bar!

Opening at 270 South 5th Street in South Williamsburg on an upcoming date yet-to-be-determined, this watering hole will be named SilverFactory after the artist's infamous NYC studio and will boast an aesthetic inspired by the legendary spot. 


The walls will be painted the titular color and covered in portraits of the genius as well as prints of his best works, both famous and lesser known. 

Neon signs and a "Warholian" chandelier will finish off the space's quirky vibe. Plus, art pieces by local artists will also be featured along with these spiffy throwbacks.  

The bar seeks to become a place for "creative gatherings" and will offer "moderately priced Korean fusion dishes" to keep the stomach satisfied while the mind embarks on an artful journey. 

While you wait for the new venue to open its doors, there are plenty of other places to get your fix of the icon— you can see some of his most famous works in person at the MOMA and the Guggenheim.

Why not live in a Warhol world?

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Bedford And Bowery] 

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