Corporate America needs to take a deep breath and calm down.

Shawn Richard, a man on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida was shopping with his girlfriend at Walmart and stumbled upon a Coca-Cola display.

A Coca-Cola display illustrating the Twin Towers using the soda boxes, under a 9/11 banner reading "We Will Never Forget."

Since then, the display has been taken down but Richard took photos and tweeted them, so we can all berate Walmart for its tackiness.

Just saying, if this was in New York, there is absolutely no way it would fly. Ever. 

9/11 was and still is a national tragedy. It’d be easy for us to say, chill Walmart, it’s only been 15 years but seriously, that day will never (and should never) sit well with anyone living in this country.

According to Buzzfeed, a Walmart spokesperson said that the Coca-Cola Company usually comes up with display ideas– but Walmart has the ultimate decision to approve them or not.


We really feel bad for the poor Walmart employee that had to set this thing up because it does look like it took a considerable amount of effort, even if the idea is wildly tone deaf.

“Florida c’mon man,” is right. 

[via Buzzfeed] [Feature Image Courtesy Buzzfeed]