You know that feeling when you get home and you realize you don't have your wallet? Your entire world crumbles around you, and the self-assurances of pure and utter doom quickly settle in.

Did you leave it in the cab or subway? Did that guy that bumped into you at the turnstile swipe it from your pocket? Maybe you just left it at home... or maybe someone is currently racking up charges on your debit card. 

Once in a while, someone does the decent thing and returns your wallet to you in the mail with a thoughtful note about how they found it. 

This is one of those times... 

Well, sort of. Almost. 

A New Yorker named Reilly Flaherty lost his wallet along with his MetroCard, cash, driver's license, and credit cards somewhere between a concert at King's Theater in Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

It wasn't until he was already back in Manhattan that he realized his loss, and kindly asked his uber driver to take him back to Brooklyn. 


Unfortunately, luck was not on Reilly's side, and the wallet was not recovered. 

Two weeks later, Reilly received an envelope in the mail with a pleasant note, his credit cards, and his drivers license. 

Reilly told USA Today, "I've never been so conflicted about a nice gesture... I had already gone to get a new license, and had already gotten all my cards replaced, so basically it was useless to me."

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We're not really too surprised that someone decided to keep cash and the MetroCard (since we're sick of spending huge chunks of our paychecks just to get around), but we find this more humorous than kind.

That is, if you have a rather cynical sense of humor.

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[via USA Today] [Feature Image Courtesy NBC New York]