Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge With Bill Murray While He Reads Poetry Next Month

You know and love him from classics like Groundhog Day. 

If you didn't think that Billy Murray could get even cooler, think again. Murray may be wealthy, but he hasn't failed to show that he is a middle-class everyman like the rest of us. 

This time around, the man, the myth, the legend Bill Murray is making a humble appearance at this year's 22nd annual Poets Walk.

The fundraising event supports the Poet House's events and programs, over 100 of which are for children and teens.

The poets will lead the walk as they read NYC-inspired poems along the way. Celebrated poets like Billy Collins, Sharon Olds, and Claudia Rankine will be reading NYC-inspired poetry on the walk. Hopefully, you'll get the chance to hear a hilarious poem from Murray, a regular participant in the event.

You may be some of the lucky fans with the chance to meet him at a party or two. The down-to-earth comic has successfully shown the public that he just wants to chill with us.

Murray supports some great initiatives also. This is especially true for his upcoming public appearance at the Poets House's Poets Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. 

If you've got $250 lying around, you can buy your tickets to the reception here. And if you have 10k, you can get a seat with the poets themselves. (ha, who are we kidding here?)


And while they can't really stop the public from tagging along, you should probz be a decent human being and donate to their cause. 

The walk is going down June 12th and it will begin on the Manhattan side at 6:00 p.m.


Poetry lovers unite!

[Feature Image Courtesy NY Daily News] [via TimeOut NY]