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For the W: Sooooo... Seriously, Is the W Subway Line Coming Back to NYC This November?!

The MTA really needs a W under their belt.

It is no surprise that New York City needs the subway to survive.

We use it to go everywhere and nowhere. To get us home when we are drunk off tequila or drunk off love. Sometimes we get to be a part of a dance party while waiting for the train.

It's good practice to think of the subway as a living, breathing entity that has a lot of working parts much like we do. So, what happens when you lose a part of yourself? Do you think the subway feels phantom pain?

The much loved, dearly missed and incredibly resourceful W train may make a heroic return in the new future.

The W met its demise in 2010 because of budget cuts but it looks like because of the Second Avenue Subway service plan it may be coming back to ease the burden the Q has going on right now.


This W will be going from Astoria/Ditmars Boulevard to Whitehall Street in Manhattan on the weekdays which replaces the Q in Queens. So, what is Queens without its "Q"? Ueens?

According to the MTA, wait times will be at most, 10 minutes.

Yeah, we'll take that with a bag of salt.

When the Second Avenue Subway Service begins in December, The Q will be going from 96th Street all the way to Coney Island and along the way all the express stops the Broadway Line makes. It'll run local between Brooklyn and Manhattan late nights as well.

Some are urging the MTA to extend the W so that it can alleviate some of the absurd rush hour traffic the R has to deal with.

Much how changes happen to us, changes must happen to our subway service. We shouldn't take it personally. These lines run deep, yes, but in order to survive this city, we must adapt.

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