A Vegan Dream: VSPOT Organic is Here! 🌮🌎😋

 A vegan latino sounds almost like a fish out of water.

Growing up in a Hispanic household in Miami, I learned very quickly that meat pretty much constitutes as a main food group. So when I grew older and started going vegan, my family was confused, to say the least.

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Coming to New York, I found it easy to eat what I wanted to, but nothing gave me the same satisfaction as a delicious homemade beef empanada or bandeja paisa. The flavorful taste of Latin food is something all people should enjoy, and the owners of VSPOT Organic Restaurant agree.

Located in the East Village on 12 Saint Marks Place, right next door to Yoga To The People (with locations in Park Slope and Gramercy as well), you’ll see the glass and wooden outdoor panels with cartoon doodles and instantly be drawn in to see what’s inside. VSPOT Organic is a Latin vegan restaurant focused on keeping traditional Latin American dishes and adding a vegan twist to them.

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Oh yeah, the game has been changed FOREVER!

From the moment you walk in, you will immediately be stunned by the array of artwork on the walls.

All of the artwork that you see come from various artists, and are available for purchase too! So if you see something you like, let your waiter know!

Back to the topic of food! Their Certified Kosher menu spreads out and gives so many options with some gluten-free options also, starting with their appetizers.

Customers can get a loaded nachos supreme with seasoned red beans, guacamole, vegan cheese, house-made vegan sour cream, and vspot salsa to their Colombian style empanadas packed with vegetables and seasoned seitan. Split a plate with your friends because this is sharing size!

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Customers can also decide to get a traditional arepa or ‘con todo’ topped with vegan cheddar cheese, seitan carne molida, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo, and avocado.

If the appetizers weren’t enough, go ahead and order some of your favorite Latin cuisines!

From portobello tacos to cheese quesadillas, and even the classic VSPOT burrito, they strive to focus on the mouthwatering flavors of Latin America!


You will never get enough of these!


With all of these food options, you wouldn’t be able to believe, but THERE’S MORE! Their entree platters consist of Tempeh Taco Plates, lasagna, quinoa-curried kale, and bandeja paisa!! These entrees are sure to fill you up with the variety of rice beans, organic tempeh bacon, vegan meat sauce, and so much more.

One of the co-owners of Vspot Organic, Alex Carabaño, recently opened a speakeasy comedy club in the restaurant’s back showroom where he and other comedians go to perform for FREE!

Who knew it was so easy to have dinner and a show? Alex Carabaño is highly motivated and puts an emphasis on customers enjoying all aspects of his restaurant, so definitely go check that out and have a laugh or two while eating all of this food!

You could even show up for dessert if your sweet tooth is calling for it!

Wait… Vegan desserts?? THEY HAVE THAT TOO!

Brownie sundaes, peanut butter mousse cupcakes, Mexican spice cookie sandwiches, and carrot cakes that will make you question if it’s vegan…. But it is!


So at this point, you can see that VSPOT Organic supplies so many forms of entertainment and way more food than can even be processed. Now it’s time for you to see for yourself!

We love these food options and so will you!

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