In case you can't keep up with these maddening acronyms, NoMad is NOrth of MADison Square Park. Whatever. 

The peeps behind every hipster's favorite camera app, VSCO, just introduced a free photo studio for NYC photographers.

VSCO Open Studio is, according to their website's FAQ, "designed to be both a work space and a blank canvas." The studio is completely white, including the office space and faux kitchen area. #Minimalist to the max.

This is an absolutely insane resource for any frugal NYC photographers who can't afford to rent out studio space– so... pretty much every photographer ever. 

Again, using the space is free, but if you cancel within 72 hours of your session, you forfeit a deposit of $250. Any damage to the studio or the equipment they provide for borrowing is also the photographer's responsibility, obviously.

Each session is two hours, and you're allowed six people max per group unless you contact them directly about the needs and size of your project.

On their request form, you'll be asked about why you want to use the space anyway. Their primary focus is enabling artists' passion projects.


"If it’s a project that excites you, that drags you out of bed at the crack of dawn and keeps you up late at night," VSCO's website states, "We want to give you the opportunity to create it."


via petapixel

Unfortunately, VSCO was forced to close requests just 24 hours after their announcement, but they promise updates on availabilities in the near future.

[via petapixel] [Feature Image Courtesy vsco]