Mother Nature has been a little confused lately, and frankly, she needs to make up her mind. 

Between record-breaking warmth in November, some seriously cold days this past weekend, and potentially the warmest Christmas on record, we're sort of really missing the typical NYC winter. 

Sure, 60˚-70˚F weather is fine and all, but some of us are really missing the winter chill. 

We're even anxiously anticipating the first snowfall of the season. 

Come March, we'll probably be singing a much different tune, but for the time being, we'll make due with these pictures of a typical winter night in NYC, taken by photographer Vivienne Gucwa

Gucwa, who posted this series of photos in her photo essay, "New York City: Winter Nights," has been photographing NYC during snowstorms for five years to accumulate these incredible shots. 

Check them out below. They'll either make you long for what you're missing, or they'll make you grateful for light jackets and sweater. 


Check out These Incredible Shots of the Holiday Season in NYC

[via Viewing NYC] [Feature Image Courtesy Viewing NYC]