Although we have tons of awesome museums in New York City, there are a bunch of museums that aren’t quite in our reach.

Maybe they’re in a different country, maybe they’re in the same country but too far -- whatever the problem, Sotheby’s, the British-founded New York auction house, has come up with a solution.

Sotheby’s has launched an online Museum Network that allows you to visit the world’s best art museums from inside your own home.

David Goodman, executive vice president of Sotheby’s digital development and marketing, said that “The Museum Network is a response to a growing global audience that wants to experience the world of art and collecting.”

“The network is a natural evolution of the existing ties we have with museums,” he says, “[and we can now] expose their outstanding collections to millions of art lovers who engage via digital channels.”


You’ll be able to look inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Britain’s Tate galleries, the National Palace Museum in Taiwan, along with many others, on both and Sotheby’s TV channel app.

They also accommodate those with a taste for lesser known art projects, and have uploaded content of institutions founded by private collectors such as the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow and the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.


Sotheby’s will also include some original TV shows on their channel, starting with an original 13-part series about The Treasure of Chatsworth, one of Europe’s most celebrated art collections. The show will premiere this fall.

Round of applause for Sotheby’s.

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]