Hey, you need to message your squad's group chat ASAP.

As we know, plane tickets are predicted to be cheap AF this Fall. And it's already begun.

Next up, Alaska Airlines is offering more insane deals on flights out of (well, and into) NYC and cities all over the U.S.

Their "Sweet Deals" promotion, Refinery29 reports, applies to the marked flights between September 20th until March 8th, so that leaves a pretty wide window for you to plan your impromptu vacay. Obviously certain restrictions and blackout dates apply, but still.

There are sooo many cool trips available, you actually have to see this. 

JFK to Las Vegas? $135. Newark to Los Angeles? $169. Do we just really want to visit Cali? Hell, yeah.

If you're planning on like, going anywhere, you should seriously, SERIOUSLY take advantage of this. 


And if you plan on taking advantage of Alaska Airlines' "sweet deals," you need to do so right now, because the sale ends 12:59 p.m. EST.

Go, go, go!

[via Refinery29] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]