So There's This Brooklyn Pizzeria Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With This Lucky Charms-Topped Pizza...

Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn is at it again. 

Remember that Williamsburg pizzeria that threw mini slices of pizza on top of regular slices? Yeah you do. We helped them go viral a few months back. 

But this time.. they might have even outdone themselves with this concoction right here. 

Because they're celebrating St. Patrick's Day with a pizza topped with Lucky Charms cereal, served with a raw potato and a bottle of Guinness.

And no, we're absolutely not kidding. 

“I just made it as a joke,” Sean Berthiaume, co-owner of the pizzeria’s Williamsburg location, stated to DNA Info

“If anyone wants to come to Vinnie’s [for the pizza], I will definitely force some Lucky Charms on a cheese slice.” He went on to say, "I made a cheese slice, I cooked it halfway, and then added the cereal… so the Lucky Charms are cooked into the cheese a little bit.”

Seriously, we're just over here in the corner of this pizza joint like, "Where's the milk to wash this all down with?!" 

“Lots of people have commented and laughed and shared it,” he said. "I don’t know if they think I’m desecrating cheese slices, Lucky Charms, or both.”

How about this goes against everything that New York City pizza ever stood for... like ever?! 

“Relax. It’s just Lucky Charms on a cheese slice,” Sean concluded. 

Alright, we're relaxed. So who covers the doctor's bill when we get sick with a bad case of you-know-what?  

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[via DNA Info]