This Incredible Wine-Tasting Event Is Bringin' the Taste of Summer '17

If there’s any drink in the world that personifies summer and its subsequent joy, it’s wine: specifically, a crisp, dry, white wine. Even more specifically, a crisp, dry, white wine enjoyed accompanied by impeccably prepared meals and a group of friends.

Winos, meet the Vinho Verde Wine Experience: an unreal wine-tasting event that’s going down in Brooklyn this summer.

A true wino knows that there is always more to know when it comes to the sweet nectar of the gods. But where do you go to pick up knowledge bein' dropped in a classy, fun, delicious setting that doesn't feel like one of your weird Uncles' dinner parties?  

Winos, meet the Vinho Verde Wine Experience, an unreal wine-tasting event that’s going down in Brooklyn this summer.

Over 20 wine producers from Vinho Verde, an innovative Portuguese wine region specializing in dry white wines, are coming to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for a one-of-a-kind, educational event. 

Guests will get the opportunity to meet and taste with knowledgeable winemakers (hello, dream job), munch on delicious food pairings, check out chef demos, and learn basically everything there is to know about white wine (and there is a lot).


The wines hail from the Vinho Verde wine region of northern Portugal, a place where tradition mixes with modern winemaking innovation to create some of the most unique white wines in Europe. 

Working exclusively with indigenous grapes like Alvarinho, Loureiro, Trajadura, and Avesso, winemakers are reinventing the region and creating a new style of Portuguese wine.

Yeah. If you get tickets for this event, you’ll learn how to say awesome stuff like that, and inevitably impress all of your friends at brunch.

It’s all happening Saturday, June 17th from 6-10 p.m. at The Weylin in Williamsburg. Be there.

The main focus of the event is to educate the public about white wine and its many varieties, while also not forgetting the best part about wine; drinking a crapton of it. 


Winemakers will be serving up over 60 kinds of white wine. Yes, you read that correctly. You’ll taste over 60. Wines.

And what’s more, guests will enjoy their wine with delicious bites from six incredible food vendors: El Super (the best that SoCal has to offer), People’s Pops (wine-infused popsicles? Yep.), Poppy’s Catering (They’ve served Beyonce, enough said), East Coast Poke (simple, authentic Hawaiian dishes), Big Mozz (cheese, cheese, and more cheese) and Mokbar (mouth-watering Korean cuisine). 

All that—for 4 full hours—for $45?! GTFO.  

So don’t miss out on a ridiculously epic event that’ll put an end to your ignorant ramblings or request for “the house white” when asked which wine you prefer at a restaurant. You’ll know better than that.

Get ready to get educated, and yeah, a little buzzed. Can you think of any better way to kick off summer 2017?

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