Want to Watch the Whole Year All Over Again? 9 Best NYC Videos of 2015

We're about to leave a year chock-full of rich videos. Wouldn't you agree? We have a pretty compelling case to make on this topic. 

You heard about pizza rat and the subway conductor who refused to apologize, didn't you? Oh, you didn't see those incredible videos? Well, it's a good thing we're here. 

Sometimes life in New York City gets wild, and the best way we can think of to deal with its lunacy is to laugh at it.

On the other hand, sometimes there are moments that shake New Yorkers to the core; moments of pain and tragedy, and moments of longing and nostalgia. 

Whether we're remembering the gravity of the year's events, or simply losing our minds at how funny it all was, 2015 will definitely be a year to remember. 

Read on to watch our favorite NYC-centric videos of 2015.

1. That time the MTA called out every horrible commuter on the subway system

The litterer. The person who remains seating even though there's a pregnant woman on the train. The person who blocks the doors. These are all typical subway problems, the ones that the subway announcer has every right to address.

But euthanasia? The Israeli Palestinian conflict? Whether cats are better than dogs?


In this hilarious video, produced by Gianmarco Soresi and Megan Sass, this particular subway announcer takes it upon himself to address these conflicts (and others) that are definitely not his business. 

We spent plenty of time laughing at this back in February, and now that the year is coming to an end, it's time to relive that amusement. Check it out. It's hysterical.

2. Subway struggles of getting laid

Getting laid on the subway is hard. Let us rephrase that: We don't mean actually doing the dirt on the subway. Who do you think we are, anyway?

It's hard to keep the momentum going while you're fully immersed in the griminess of the subway, under fluorescent lights and waiting for trains. We're guessing you've been there.

So this video we made (yes, it's our very own video, produced by Soresi and Sass) encapsulates the struggle. Watch it, you'll see.

3. When the subway announced they'd never apologize for anything, ever again

This video, produced by comedy network Above Average, fantasizes about what it'd be like if the MTA decided to simply stop apologizing for inconveniences. 

You know the scene. You're on the train, and the train stops moving. You're late, and the MTA comes over the loudspeaker to announce its apology.

However, what if the MTA refused to apologize? What if the MTA indignantly refused to strive for perfection, and forced its customers to accept the fact that they'd never be perfect?

This video tackles what every subway conductor has probably wanted to shout at their passengers during delays. It's pretty funny, but it also might make you slightly furious at this fictitious subway conductor.

4. Dickpicr

Sick of people who don't look like their pictures on internet dating sites? Sick of having to slog through smalltalk and awkward first dates just to find out your junk isn't compatible with someone else's?

We know. These are struggles we all share. These problems seemed unconquerable. We didn't think there'd ever be a solution to this time-old problem, and then DickPicr came along, and finally, dating was solved at last.


Dickpicr eliminates all that tiresome guesswork, all that irritating mystery, and throws it in the trash where it belongs. When you're deciding whether or not you'd date someone, all you get with which to make that decision is a homemade shot of that person's genitalia. What else could you need?

Check out our own comedic sketch, released on our own YouTube channel, to learn all about Dickpicr's merit.

5. Pizza. Rat.

Pizza rat became a collective obsession in this city sometime around the end of September. You remember, right?

It didn't surprise us too much. Rats have long infiltrated the depths of this city, and they've infiltrated by the masses. It stands to reason it would only be a matter of time before they adopted our phenomenal taste in food, wouldn't it?

When it surfaced that, in fact, a rat finally had become savvy to our pizza craze, we figured it made sense. We're expecting to see a rat with an entire bagel next-- toasted with cream cheese, of course. Please let us know if you spot a rat with such a brilliant taste in food.

This video is the perfect example of the extraordinary feats vermin are capable of. For some, it was just a rat with a slice. For others, it was just a hardworking dad trying to put food on the table for his four, teenage, mutant-- possibly ninja --turtle children. 


6. When we realized what it means to be a real New Yorker

Living in NYC can get... weird. We're sure you already know. Sometimes, people throw whole pizza pies at your face and scream derogatory names at you on the streets. Sometimes, your neighbors perform religious ceremonies with dead mice in your stairwell.

You know, these are all typical moments for the typical New Yorker, but for anyone else from anywhere else, living here might be kind of overwhelming.


So let us pose this question to you: When was the moment you stopped being shocked, awed, and amazed by this city, and when life here just became, well, normal? When was the moment you realized you were a real New Yorker?

We posed this question on the street to other New Yorkers in our video above. Watch it to find out when their definitive "I'm a real New Yorker" moment was. We're warning you, it gets a little insane.

7. The 25 worst people on the subway

This video, brought to us by Yuena Li, hit the nail on the head about why sometimes riding the subway is the worst. There's the guy that steals your seat, a girl eating a really smelly meal, and people who topple over on top of you.

It's pretty bad that we have to deal with every single one of these people on the subway, every single day, but watching this video makes us feel a little better about the situation. At least it's entertaining, right?

The best part is, we still find this video just as hilarious now as we did in June. Check it out to see what we mean.

8. Blindfolded Muslim man asking for hugs 

Since the attacks in Paris on November 13th, many have come forward denouncing any support-- emotional, ideological, human or otherwise --for the Muslim community. 

Not surprisingly, such hatred has come from the morally bankrupt mouth of America's favorite political caricature (a little much? Possibly, but we'll err on the side of caution and say no), Donald Trump. To be clear, all of these despicable reactions are misplaced. There's no room for it. 

Before we knew the true nature of the black space occupying the place where Trump's heart should be, Karim showed us the power of compassion on the streets of NYC. 


He, like other Muslim men in Paris before and after him, stood blindfolded in NYC with a sign that read, "I'm Muslim and I trust you. Do you trust me enough for a hug?"

The results were somewhat surprising. While we knew the potential for human compassion was real, Karim's video from back in February showed us the love we might still be capable of.

Since then, the experiment has been replicated a number of times. It's important to note how long it into the video it took for any New Yorker to hug him, and it'd be incredibly interesting to see how this idea would translate in New York after all that has happened since February. Still, an important video of 2015. 

9. 'The Warriors' last ride home

In 1979 The Warriors gave us a glimpse of street crime in NYC. It was rough world out there, especially for a handful of Coney Island teenagers. 

After 36 years of their last tango with danger, they took one last epic ride home to Coney Island. The Warriors showed us what NYC was back then-- gritty, violent, and blood thirsty. 

Seeing them take one last ride home was a pretty spectacular reminder of how far we've come, and not surprisingly, many subway riders knew exactly who they were sharing the train with. 

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