We've seen some seriously crazy sh*t in the subways. 

We're talking seriously strange

Because of that, it's pretty difficult to make a New Yorker react in any particular way. From "Showtime" to subway slashers, we've seen it all. 

However, Taylor Hirstein, one of the Youtube pranksters of HumorBagel, has certainly found a way to make New Yorkers cringe without reaching for forced laughs. 

This prank, titled, 'Strangest Subway Behavior' just makes our skin crawl, mainly because we can see this happening on an actual NYC subway. 

Just please, for the love of all living things, never mix Goldfish with milk again (editor's note: also, for the sake of breakfast cereal pro-tips, mixing Maker's Mark with Corn Flakes is not a good look either). 


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[Feature Image Courtesy Youtube]