Romance in New York City is difficult. New Yorkers are less likely to marry, and finding someone to date is difficult since we're all a bunch of commitment-fearing, dating-app-obsessed, career-focused maniacs.

Lucie Fink, a video producer from Refinery29, hit the streets to ask New Yorkers what they think about love with this knowledge in mind.

Now, Fink's sample size was small, but her findings were pretty interesting. She gathered stories from New Yorkers spanning demographics, including an elderly couple that had been together for 53 years.

What'd she ask them? Well, you'll have to watch the video below to find out, won't you?

We're kidding. She asked about cheating, long-distance relationships, monogamy, online dating, and casual sex.

We weren't really stoked about Fink's take on Tinder, but other than that we found the discussions pretty interesting. Especially when Fink puts couples on the spot, and asks them whether they'd stay together if one of them had to move across the country.

If you're curious to find out what lots of different New Yorkers think about all these provoking topics, watch the video below.


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[via Refinery29]