Wondering How to Get Free Tickets to Broadway's 'Hamilton?' Check Out Our Simple How-To Video

It's the hottest ticket in the world. No, it wasn't Kobe Bryant's last home game as a Laker, and it's definitely not Batman v Superman in 4DX

It's Broadway's Hamilton

It seems that everyone is looking for tickets to this show. Many have tried their hand at the lottery, they've paid thousands of dollars, or they've been scammed by Craigslist goons. 

How do you navigate the treacherous waters of getting actually free tickets to the hottest Broadway show of our lifetime? It's actually really simple. 

We know the secret, but we can't just tell you here. 

What's that saying? "Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man how to get fish without paying for it, he'll eat every day until there aren't anymore fish." 

Believe us, it's incredibly simple. Our newest YouTube video, produced by the hilarious duo of SoresiSass (Gianmarco Soresi and Megan Sass, respectively), goes into excruciating detail as to just easy it is to get the mythical free tickets to Hamilton.


Trust us, it's really easy. 

Of course, out of fear that you might actually do something as stupid as what this video suggests you do to get these Hamilton tickets, we should tell you that it's incredibly illegal. 

So, no; we don't know how to get Hamilton tickets for free, but check out our video, and subscribe to our YouTube channel

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