We tend to joke a lot about how much we hate Times Square. Well, we actually really do hate it... it's the worst place in the city. 

It's always been a alluring tourist attraction for the out-of-towners, causing New Yorkers countless headaches in their attempts to weave through the hoards of photograph-snapping zombies in order to get to work. 

It seems as if Times Square has always been a tourist hot spot, even in 1945, and with billboards that puff smoke and a giant replica of the statue of liberty, we're pretty enamored as well. 

We get it, we've become disenchanted with the magic of Times Square, recognizing it only as an area of the city to be avoided at any and all costs. 

But there was a time, maybe when we were kids, that those flashing lights and constant bustle kept us entertained. 

This video, posted by YouTube subscriber Mike Theiss who goes by the user name, UltimateChase, brings out those old, long lost feelings of love for a part of the city that has been shunned by New Yorkers. 

It was shot around September 17th, 1945, by his grandfather, Edward Theiss. Check out the video below.