We're not really huge fans of anything even remotely related to Times Square, but this idea just seems rather ludicrous. 

According to Architizer, architects at 100architects, a Shanghai-based firm, designed a vertical concept to alleviate congestion at the midtown hellhole... ahem, tourist trap. 

The proposal, entitled Vertical Times, would encourage people to go up, rather than look up.

The vertical, cylindrical pods would give tourists 360 degree views of Times Square. 

Each one of the six pods would serve a different function. One pod has been designed to contain a bar, while the one directly below it would consist of a restaurant. 

Beneath those two pods would be a "sky garden" or park area. Below that would be a "hammock plaza," which would be pretty awesome if you took hygiene out of the equation. 

Our favorite pod concept is directly beneath the hammocks. It's a "ball pool." 

While we're pretty sure this concept was created with kids in mind, we wouldn't put it past some adults (cough, us, cough) who would claim the area. The lowest pod would consist of a "carousel playground," because why not. 

We're pretty sure that we'll never see anything like this in Times Square, but it's certainly something to think about. 


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[via Architizer] [Feature Image Courtesy Architizer]