What a Time to... Eat a Slice? Brooklyn Seriously Has a Completely Vegan Pizza Slice Joint

The birth of the classic New York Style pizza vegan style has finally arrived.

Champs, an all vegan diner located in East Williamsburg, has been a staple for New York City vegans for several years now. 

Their Greenpoint location, Champs Jr, has switched its status to 'Permanently Closed' and seemingly overnight has morphed into what is now known as Screamer's Pizzeria. 

Screamer's is the ultimate collaboration of New York's beloved Champs, and a popular Philly vegan spot, Blackbird Pizzeria.

While there are a handful of spots around Brooklyn where you can grab a vegan slice or two, Screamers is the first all vegan pizzeria to open up in Brooklyn.

Screamer's officially opened its doors on June 13th, and their current menu includes a variety of options, from a classic cheese to the special pie to which the joint owes its name. 

The Screamer Pizza is made up of garlic oil, vegan cheese, cremini, and oyster mushrooms, all topped with an almond parm.


Screamer's is on the smaller side, seating wise, and we're sure it'll be packed day after day with vegans and pizza lovers alike. 


And if Screamer's is anything like Champs, we're sure New Yorkers are going to love it.

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[via Gothamist] 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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