We're not necessarily vegans ourselves (by not necessarily, we mean we're not), but we can acknowledge that the struggle is probably real.

New York City has its share of vegan spots, even pizza joints, but we have to imagine looking at undeniably yummy looking desserts– like Black Tap's now legendary milkshakes– that aren't cruelty free.

However, this weekend, vegans and lactose-intolerant New Yorkers can enjoy a DAIRY-FREE big *ss milkshake of their very own.

As reported by Gothamist, Greenwich Village's vegan bakery, by CHLOE, has partnered with Black Tap to create the foot-high milkshakes, which will be served at Black Tap THIS WEEKEND only. 

They are started with by CHLOE's "Chill" coconut milk ice cream, dairy-free frosting, a sh*t-ton of rice-based whipped cream (almost a full can, they are not f*cking around here), and topped with one of by CHLOE's "Chlostess" cupcakes and an over-sized swirly pink lollipop.

"I started thinking about flavors that go well with vegan food—on the sweet side, coconut was the first that came to mind," Black Tap's chef and owner, Joe Isidori, explained, "I knew I wanted to do a coconut shake with cream of coconut and coconut milk. We also put some almond in there to give it some depth."


Like we said, these milkshakes will only be available this weekend, but by CHLOE's and Black Tap hint at more collaborations between the two in the future. We can't wait!

Check out Gothamist's video, demonstrating how this beautiful cruelty-free creation is built, below.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist]