Once again smart phone apps are here to save the day. 

Tired of crossing your fingers when you head out for a beach day? The Department of Health has invented a phone app to notify New Yorkers about which beaches are open and which are the best to go to at the moment.

The "Know Before You Go" program sends alerts if there are issues with water quality. The Health Department explains, "When water quality is compromised from excessive rain runoff, sewage or other pollution, it can pose health risks to swimmers." 

According to Gothamist, the Department of Health made this program very simple. New users simply sign up, then receive text alerts with information about any beach that they might be heading too. 

We all know that NYC beaches aren't the best, but its a great escape from the noisy city.

"Know Before You Go" also includes features to let you know which beaches are open at the moment also if there are plenty of lifeguards on duty, to keep an extra eye out on those little ones. 

This app will be the highlight and downfall of the summer! New Yorkers will visit the safest beach on specific days but everyone will be at the same beach, making it crowded and congested, like every other part in NY.


As excited you may be for this upcoming summer, never forget to protect your skin. This is also another feature on the Know Before You Go app, 

Sending a message to 877877 saying "BEACH" or "PLAYA" will give you immediate status of all beaches at the moment. 

The Summer awaits, get your spot at the beach first!

[Feature Image Courtesy NYCGovParks] [via Gothamist]