Is this a new benchmark in New York City parks? Remember when you used to stroll freely through the park without a single care in the world? How you let the songs of the birds wash over you and the smells of the flowers whisk you away?

Well, you can't do that anymore when you have a thing in your pocket that freaks out every couple of minutes and throws you a new problem that you are barely equipped to deal with.

You just wanted to take a few pics and maybe a selfie or two in front of a weird looking flower but now you have to send reports, texts and spreadsheets. This is killin' your vibe and your phone. Now you hit the dreaded single digits of battery life. Whatever will you do?

New York City will be getting new park benches from Soofa, that allow you to charge your phone so that you can take more memory makin' photos and send those dreaded reports that for whatever reason couldn't wait.

The benches look like an old-fashion classic bench and WALL-E had a baby. 

And much like the brave robot, these benches work on the magic that is solar technology. So, while you're catching some rays your phone will be brought back to life because of the sun's rays.

You can find these benches in the Bronx and Manhattan's Highbridge Parks later this month and charge up two clever devices at a time. You're gonna have to bring your own USB though.

In addition to saving your phone from near death the benches are also gonna help the parks that they are in. They can send data that tells the park how many people have visited and this translates to superior cleaning times, event planning and an overall better park for all to enjoy.


This city is really changing and it looks like our phones are spearheading that change. We're already getting free Wi-Fi in the subway, free Wi-Fi on the streets and recently buses that charge your phone.

What's next? Piragua carts that give you free Wi-Fi and allow you to charge your phone while you wait for a delicious cup of flavored ice? Wait a second... we might be on to something.


Hopefully, these benches will get more New Yorkers outside. To really explore their parks and take in all the beauty that is our city.

So, when you are charging your phone on these benches, scroll through those pictures and remember now you can take some more.

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[via Timeout] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]