The high rise we’ve all been oohing and awwing at Elad and Silverstein’s One West End Avenue is almost complete and ready to be lived in.

Is there a catch? Yes, yes there is. According to StreetEasy, apartments are starting at $1.52 million and reaching about $21 million, give or take a million.

But there’s hope for us poor folk! Starting today, Upper West Siders who meet specific income requirements can apply for one of one of Pelli-Clarke-Pelli designed project's “affordable” apartments.

Technically, these “affordable” apartments aren’t even part of the elite high rise. They’re located in a separate 8-story building underneath the 41-story “floating glass tower” that houses the higher ups. Literally.


The affordable apartments have their own address, their own entrance, and their own amenities, which include a fitness center, bike storage, and a laundry room, among others.

The two buildings do share one thing, however: the rooftop courtyard. The separated classes can meet at the top and for however short or long a time, be on the same level.


The breakdown for rent is as follows: $833/month for single occupancy studios, expected for tenants making around $29,898 and $38,100 annually, $1,458/month for two-bedrooms, which requires a minimum annual income of $51, 395.

Applications are due by the first of November -- you can find all the deets here.

[via Curbed NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]