How would you like to live in a studio on the Upper West Side for $566 a month? How about a two-bedroom for $931?

Yeah, we would like that too. Luckily, it's a possibly. If you want to live in an apartment in an amazing location for this price, you need to get on it, like, ten minutes ago.

6sqft reported that Glenwood Management just launched their affordable housing lottery for 52 apartments that are way below market rate.

The apartments are all within the soon-to-open rental tower at 157 West 60th Street. 

Obviously, the building is located in a nice area. It's situated near Columbus Circle and Lincoln Center, and the building will be filled with mostly people paying way more than $566 a month.

20% of the residents, though, will get one of the hottest prices in the whole city. 

Also, thanks to a law passed in the wake of a 33-story luxury tower that requires its subsidized residents to use a different door, the subsidized residents in this building are required to be treated like all other residents.


The building was designed by Stephen B. Jacobs Group, and it'll have six apartments per floor on each of its 46 floors.

If you fit into the requirements for the apartment's application, you should apply. Seriously. You never know if you'll be selected.

Here's what you can apply for: there are five studios available for people who make between $20,167 and $24,000 a year, and they'll be charged $566 a month in rent.


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For people who make between $25,200 and $30,250, the studio will cost $717 a month.

There are also 30 one-bedrooms available for people with annual incomes between $21,600 and $34,550. Those will cost either $608 or $770 a month, depending on the person in question's income.

There are also 17 two-bedroom apartments available for people who collectively make between $25,900 and $43,150 a year. Those will either cost $737 a month or $931 a month, depending on income.


When the building opens, it'll have bike storage, an on-site super, a children's playroom, lounge, laundry room, and a swimming pool and whirlpool on the 48th level.

If you're so stoked about what we're saying and can't wait to apply, you can download or request an application here.

We wish you the best of luck, and we hope all the force of affordable apartments will be with you when you apply.

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[via 6sqft]