The Untitled Space's "Defining Form" 🎨🖼🖌

The Untitled Space presents Defining Form exhibition in Tribeca.

Curator, Indira Cesarine, explores new waves in sculpture through contemporary feminism and technology in “Defining Form.” 

These figurative and abstract pieces collectively show the evolution of contemporary sculpture through innovative uses of materials such as stone, clay, recycled items, metal, wood, and mixed-in media content.


Each artist has showcased their originality in their work by exploring progressive matters in today’s society. These concepts and themes range from gender identity and feminism to political arts and digital sculpture.

Guests of last week’s reception hosted many artists, including Indira Cesarine, the curator herself, whose work was featured in the exhibition. Other featured artists include Kate Hush,Tatyanna Murray, Kelsey Bennett, Meegan Barnes, and Rebecca Goyette, more famously known for her work showcased at the Museum of Sex.

Meegan Barnes (Bronze Booty Bud Vase, 2018)

Image Courtesy of Sanjana Shah

This piece was created using casted bronze with 24-karat electroplated gold.

Meegan Barnes approaches the female form with a playful yet empowering lens using modern-day pop culture aesthetics. Current celebrities and media have transfixed on the female butt as a prime focus of female sexuality.

Specifically visible via social media, celebrities like the Kardashians, and music videos and lyrics. Barnes takes this form of degradation and alters it into feminine liberation.

Indira Cesarine (LIFEFORCE (Heartbeat No. 4), 2018 )

Image Courtesy of Sanjana Shah

This piece was built using resin, neon glass with an electrical transformer.

Indira Cesarine is a well-rounded creative (curator, writer, artist to name a few of her trades).

Her work with art varies from photography and video to printmaking, painting, and sculpture. She is also the owner of The Untitled Space art gallery. Her artwork has been featured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Getty Images Gallery.

This multimedia sculpture places the fragility of life (represented by the neon lifeline in the hands of an unknown presence. 

Tatyanna Murray (Starry Night, 2018)

Image courtesy of Sanjana Shah

Constructed using staples, duct tape, broken glass, and translucent cords on a panel, Murray's Starry night harshly juxtaposes with Van Gogh's blue and yellow oil painting, her initial inspiration.

Through the use of eclectic materials, Murray makes direct correlations to Impressionism, Constructivism, and Drip Painting. This work has been featured and exhibited in many galleries all over the world including, New York City, Paris, Vienna, Cannes, California, Venice, London, and Barcelona.

The Untitled Space has chosen artists who have collectively embraced progressive themes in today’s society and transformed it into immersive creativity and enlightenment.

Defining Form is open and available to view to the public until August 1. Stay tuned for more updates regarding The Untitled Space, exhibition, and featured artists. 

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