Are you moving? We feel for you. 

Every New Yorker knows moving is miserable. You never know what companies to trust. And when you finally decide on one, you never know what you should do while the movers are putting your stuff in a van, sending up a silent prayer that it'll make it to your new spot.

Then when you finally get your boxes unloaded, you realize that all of your stuff's broken because the movers literally threw your boxes out of the truck or didn't wrap that favorite glass table of yours properly. 

Plus, that moving company (that may or may not have had a reputable review) is charging you through the roof for their services, when you could have been paying a lot less. 

How much less? A lot less. A new study found that booking a move on an online marketplace can save you 45% or more than when booking directly with a moving company. 

Not only that, but these online marketplaces, such as Unpakt, save loads of time. This study found that 65% of moving companies would not provide a quote without performing an in-home estimate. 


For those that were willing to provide binding estimates, it was found that prices were 35% higher than original statements. 

Want more dirt? Moving quotes that were given online were about 30% cheaper than the same companies who were reached through traditional methods. 

So yeah, Unpakt takes all the stress and guesswork out of preparing for a move. Plus, if you visit their site right now, you can save $15 until January 15th if you book online. 

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