We've all experienced the unique New York twilight zone that is the UberPOOL. The proletariat Uber. When you're a broke b*tch, you can't afford your own cab home!

Obviously, we have nothing against the subway, but you know what? At three in the morning, when you're sh*tfaced? Yeah, sometimes you need to call an Uber.

Heads up, hot messes: Uber is offering unlimited UberPOOL rides this October, for all your drunk cab ride needs.

No longer will the masses have to go wait for the 4 train at three in the morning only to realize after twenty minutes that it's not running. 

As reported by Time Out, Uber is beta testing this, so if you want to take advantage, you might want to act fast. 

They are selling two bundles: a two week bundle (October 1st until the 14th) for $100 and the four week bundle for $200. 

The four week deal runs from October 1st until the 28th so you're sh*t out of luck on Halloweekend, though. GREAT. Uber's definitely going to try and bone you on yet another holiday


Another catch is that you've also got to be on Manhattan and below 125th Street which is kind of a bummer if you live... well... mostly anywhere else. You can call a car all day and all night so yeah, that's kind of sweet.

You can catch this deal on the Uber app. Make sure you have the most updated version!

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy DigitalTrends]