Get ready for some big changes coming to Union Square this Spring.

No, we're not talking more dragons. That was stupid. 

No, we're talking something much, much more satisfying. Something that won't disappoint. Something that we'll get excited for before, during, and after we've seen it. 

Hold onto your butts, New Yorkers: next month, Union Fare is set to open on East 17th Street. 

The market will include both a grab-and-go prepared food section as well as a full restaurant.

A Union Fare representative told Eater, "It will be open seven days a week and there will be a lot of stations serving different food, mostly American."

Though further details have not yet been revealed, the decor inside the market is already shaping up to be quite sleek. 


You can already scope out beautiful stone floors, blonde wood, and subway tiles.

Hopefully, this venue will attract less of a tourist crowd than nearby Eataly, which is often overrun by visitors of the city no matter what time of day. 

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[via Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Eater]