We know how excited you are for the return of HBO's Game of Thrones. We started binge-watching last weekend after the trailer for the 6th season (airing April 24th) came out. 

Today though, Union Square was the site of an unusually winged ruckus. 

Yes, apparently a dragon crash landed in Union Square last night, the aftermath of which was marked off this morning with police tape and smoking trash cans.

Okay, so no, there wasn't really a dragon in New York City. This was a promotional stunt HBO had planned for the release of Game of Thrones' fifth season available on DVD and Blu-Ray today. 

We went there ourselves to check it out, and it was... interesting. 

Okay, so it was dope. Small-scale dope. You had broken pavement where it looked like a smallish dragon had made a rough landing of it, punctuated by a lone footprint at the end of the landing.

You had trash cans turned over! You had smoke coming out of one of the trashcan! You had barrels... wait! Where the hell did the barrels come from?


The highlight of this exhibit? Well, apparently the FDNY hadn't gotten the raven (read: memo for the GoT nerds that know). 

While people working with the event tried to get the smoke going again inside the overturned trashcan, two firetrucks pulled up along Broadway. 


At first thought, knowing that HBO had something planned for this area at this time, you would think it's just part of the show.

"Oh, dragons you say? We'll get them!" 


Sure enough, three firemen in full regalia climbed out of the truck, and made their way to whoever was in charge who was already digging out what we assume to be proper permits that would assure the firemen, "Yeah, we good. Your mistake. As you were."

All in all, it was entertaining, and it made us crave the unknowable consequences of where Game of Thrones' 5th season would take us in April, and the fan event at Herald Square this evening at 7:30 p.m. 


We're not at liberty to really discuss what all is happening later tonight (it's gonna be dope), but we can say that if you're really into Game of Thrones, and you're really excited about what could happen with/to/for John Snow, well, you want to be there. 


We'll be there tonight at Herald Square just as we were this morning at Union Square. 

If you can't make it, you can live as though you had by following us on Instagram and SnapChat (our username is spoiledNYC) and catch whatever craziness actually ensues. 

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[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]