Taylor Swift fans, REJOICE! Tom Hiddleston fans, RIOT! Normal people unconcerned with either, meh, continue going about your day. 

If front row seats, signed t-shirts, and backstage passes weren't enough...you're in luck.

The Taylor Swift Experience is coming to New York City very, very soon.

The pop-up has been touring the country for a while now and has finally landed in the big apple. 

According to Time Out, the opening of this highly anticipated museum will be November 19th, and it will be located at 19 Fulton Street.

What can you expect to see? Great question. 

Attractions include, but are not limited to, Taylor's RED tour piano, a handful of her childhood picture books, and her banjo from back when she was strictly a country singer new on the scene, singing about her calm and quiet life in Tennessee.  Good times.

But wait, there is more!


Several pieces from Swift's wardrobe will be on display, including one of those cheerleader uniforms famously known from the 'Shake It Off' video, some princess-like gowns that Swift gracefully accepted 17,00 Grammy's in (exaggeration.. but is it?), and some of her favorite outfits that she wore as a child.


Not only is this event extremely sought after, but it's also extremely affordable.  Tickets are available for $9, and you can find them here.  

Don't feel like you have to rush to New York, the museum will be waiting for you until February 2107.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy BisMan Area News]