90s Squad Up: Tryin' to Get Drunk with Your Favorite Nicktoons? Head to This UES Bar

There's nothing better than drunken nostalgia.

Now you and your 90's babies squad can drink the night away while watching your favorite old school Nickelodeon shows.

Treadwell Park will now be celebrating SNICK Saturdays, from midnight to 2 a.m, starting on July 30th.

Just a refresher, SNICK is the Saturday night block of Nickelodeon shows from the 90's. Some of the shows on that block included Rugrats, Keenan & Kel, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and All That.

Now, instead of streaming your favorite Rugrats episodes in a pretty questionable manner, you can trek up to the Upper East Side and throw back some drinks, eat some free popcorn, and think about the good ol' days.

Of course, no theme night is complete without themed drinks to match.

Treadwell Park will feature drinks on some of your favorite 90's Nickelodeon shows, like the Green Slime, in honor of Nick's favorite past time of throwing green goop into children and celebrities faces. 

If you say you weren't willing to take slime to the face during your Nickelodeon days, you're just straight up lyin'. Getting slimed was the best thing that could happen to any 90's kid.


As per their usual tradition, Treadwell Park will offer free self-serve popcorn to all, but if you're feeling more hangry than just hungry, you can upgrade to any one of their various bar dishes.

Even if you're just someone who's tagging along for the journey, but (somehow) isn't all that into the idea of being nostalgic all night, Treadwell Park has pingpong and pinball to satisfy you while you wait to drag your friends out of the bar at 2 a.m while they're belting out the All That theme.

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[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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