Soo chances are, if you live in Brooklyn, you've felt personally victimized by the L train, especially recently.

Wait though. It might seem like the subway is your only option but guess what– Uber's got you covered.

For the rest of 2016, Brooklynites can get uberPOOLs within the borough for less than $8.

So yeah, you have to use uberPOOL but are you actually gonna complain because you can't get your own private car? 

Sure, uberPOOLs can get kind of sketch but come on, priorities, amirite?

The deets are the uberPOOL trip has to begin and end within 8 miles (again, only in Brooklyn) to be eligible. Also, it's only a dollar more if you're traveling with a bud. 

Of course, as usual, you can always check the fare upfront when you request the ride on the app.


So if you're really fed up with the MTA, this is your chance to detox from them for a while, or at least, every once in a while. And this promotion is available aaaall day, every day. #blessed.

Take that, G train. We don't even need you anymore!

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy Politico]