Have you taken uberX since they lowered their rates on January 29th? 

If you have, your trip destination was probably analyzed by the number crunchers over at Uber. 

Uber has compiled the data concerning trips in all five boroughs, separating the numbers into different categories, and finding the most popular public destination in each. 

Though 33% make up destinations of residential homes or workplaces (20% and 13% respectively), 29% of the destinations include transportation hubs. 

As for attractions within NYC, 3% of destinations include events, and another 3% include nightlife. 6% of uberX users traveled to restaurants, and `16% traveled to hotels (whether they were guests at the hotel or merely using the amenities is not distinguishable). 

Another 10% of users compiled the category of "other."

What were some of the most popular destinations in each category? Check them out below.


Hotel: The Standard, High Line (848 Washington Street)

Restaurant: Vandal (199 Bowery)

Airport: LaGuardia Airport

Non-airport transportation hub: Grand Central Station 


Nightclub or bar: Lavo (39 East 58th Street)


Events venue: Javits Center (655 West 34th Street)


Office: Goldman Sachs Tower (200 West Street)


Museum: The MET (1000 5th Avenue)

Performing arts center: Lincoln Center (10 Lincoln Center Plaza)

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[via Uber] [Feature Image Courtesy Eater]