Once again Uber takes another L!

Let's face it, chaos and controversy are the only two things that we hear about from this "amazing" cab service recently.

 A representative of Uber told Gothamist that the company failed to account for New York's sales tax and injury compensation fee in calculating the commission they take from drivers.

According to Gothamist, Uber wasn't aware of driver's being charged additional fees and service tax. The multimillion dollar company's plan is now to refund each and every Uber driver in NYC, plus interest. 

Even the pest infested subway is sounding pretty good at the moment, TBH!

Not that companies don't make mistakes from time to time, because they all do, but Uber just continues to make headlines. If it's not verbal or sexual assault, it's the way the company treats their drivers.


Neither Uber or their drivers discovered this problem, up until large payments began falling out of each driver's pockets, resulting in Uber gaining 2.6% more from all drivers across NYC. 

Uber has addressed their mistake and plans on handling the problem right away. Each driver is estimated to be getting $900 each... we've gotta give them some props there.


Maybe it's time for New Yorkers to return back to the infamous yellow cab!

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Getty Images]