Chilly fall weather (which is bound to come eventually) in New York City always heralds a couple things: blanket scarves, trench coats, and steaming lattes.

In the same vein, fall is basically just perpetual soup weather. Some of us literally live for walking to Hale and Hearty during our lunch breaks.

But this week, NYC's getting not one, but TWO ramen festivals, so skip the can of Campbell's and indulge in some seriously delicious noodles– and no, this isn't the five-minute kind.

The event series Japan Fes (formerly the Japan Block fair), a celebration of Japanese Culture, hosted two ramen-related events, one of which was yesterday.

During the Fall Fes & Ramen Competition, which was on the Upper West Side on Sunday, October 16th, ramen from NY, NJ, PA, and Japan will face off– festival attendees will vote for the best bowl of the day, which means ramen samples, y'all.

Just saying, if you've never tried ramen from Japan, you've never tried ramen. It's on a different level.

Today, Monday the 17th, the competitors from yesterday will be selling full bowls of their ramen for $5 at the Japan Fes Midtown Bazaar. There will also be cultural performances and presentations from Japan, sake, beer, and dessert. This party's on 4 West 43rd Street from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m.


Then, on Thursday the 20th, the LUCKYRICE Ramen Slurpfest is back– a ramen eating contest where participants have 13 minutes to finish four bowls of ramen paired with Bombay Sapphire cocktails. It's gonna be lit.

As reported by Gothamist, this year's ramen includes Tampa's Ichicoroya Ramen, Shoki Ramen House from Sacramento, Menya Mushashi from Japan and Hawaii, and Ramen Tatus-Ya from Texas (they use brisket in their dishes because we guess Texans can't help themselves).


There are still a couple tickets left but purchases must be made on an AMEX card.

If it's not in the stars for you to stop by either of these fests, don't forget NYC is brimming with some seriously yummy ramen spots.

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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