So, you got that summertime subway sadness?

It's creeped in, hasn't it? That feeling of wanting to go all over the city during the gorgeous months of summer but not wanting to pay a dime for travel, right? Right.

We hate that feeling too. So much so that we want you to enjoy the summer to the fullest. We want you to go on those adventures of a lifetime, meet this city's intriguing people, and eat all of the exotic foods that we talk so much about.

To put it simply, we want you to never have to worry about paying to ride the subway this summer.

If you haven't heard, we are giving away two (that's right, 2!) unlimited monthly New York City subway passes so you can plan your adventure perfectly. 

Oh, you're right. We have done this before. People thought we were playing. People thought it was fake. So, why don't you ask Daisy Bonilla, Axel Belger, and Tamar Jules, the winners of our last NYC subway card giveaway. Yes, these are real people who really won real things.


And now you can too. We're at it again and giving away two (that's right, 2!) unlimited monthly New York City subway passes.

Awesome, right?

It's really easy too. You just gotta enter your email down below and you could win your literal tickets to crazy awesome summer memories.

Don't stop swiping this summer (and beyond) with two free unlimited passes that will sure take you to some of the hottest places the city has to offer.


Seriously, what are you waiting? Adventure isn't gonna find you. You have to find it. And the best way is by going through a turn style. For. Free.

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