Yorkville Dessert Gem: Two Little Red Hens, An American Bakery 🐓🐓🍰

 Do you like cheesecake? Or key lime pie cupcakes?

Then you’ll love Two Little Red Hens, bar none, the best bakery on the Upper East Side.

Also, maybe the planet.


The exterior harkens back to the 1950’s, and the interior keeps that spirit going. Everything is baked fresh daily and doled out by happy employees with gigantic smiles.

And why might these employees be so confident in their product? Well, put simply -- the food is a home run.

Let’s start with the cheesecake. The filling is light, airy, and sweet. It’s what we would imagine a cloud made of cotton candy might taste like.

Then there’s the toasted graham cracker crust.

It’s crunchy. It’s buttery. It’s a whole lot of adjectives and a slew of animated expletives, but we’ll spare you the lurid details in hopes of maintaining some sense of decorum.


They also have these chocolate crinkle cookies so good, you’ll end up on your last bite before paying.

The chocolate pie is divine, and the cherry ginger rhubarb will make the hairs on your back stand on end.


But our favorite thing? The lemon chess custard pie. It’s seasonal and delightful. It’s like taking a trip to the sun and eating a slice of heaven, except with more singing angels.

At least that’s the sensation we get while eating it.

Ready to grab a bite? Two Little Red Hens is located 1652 2nd Ave (at 86th Street), Yorkville, Manhattan. 

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