Some of the steadiest work in New York City is actually for New York City. City jobs appeal to many New Yorkers for one main reason: security. 

While there have always and will probably always be conflicts with unions and what not, landing a City job and not messing it up is one of the few almost sure-fire ways to ensure a pretty good quality of life for as long as you can hang on. 

This financial security is part of the reason why many people go into fields of work like police because there's a pension and the opportunity for lots of overtime. 

With $1.7 billion in overtime paid out over the last year, it doesn't look like a bad move. 

A total of 167, 851 City workers pulled in overtime in the last fiscal year, moreover, 195 of those employees actually doubled their salaries with OT. What a life, right?

While we often hear rumors and stories of police officers taking an overtime nap to pad their paychecks, the most paid out City workers weren't even in the NYPD. 


Data compiled by the Empire Center shows that of the 195 City workers doubling down with OT, it breaks down as such: 26 of them work for the FDNY, 35 of them are with the Department of Corrections, and 90 work for the Department of Transportation. 

Most of the top-five earners work for the DOT, and only one is with FDNY. Highway repair supervisor David Russell earned the most overtime in the City in the last year, to the tune of $177, 630. 

nyc_dot Concrete pour in progress: 107th St & Park Ave. #safetyimprovements #streetimprovement #concrete #concretejungle #curbextension

That overtime brought Russell's overall salary to $274, 352. After David Russell, FDNY marine engineer Frederick Domini earned $262, 926 total with $153, 787 in OT. Edward Alfano pulled in $146, 118 in overtime laying bricks with the DOT, making $239, 462 total.

The City's overall payroll reached $24.3 billion for just under 600,000 workers, with the Department of Education paying out the most-- $10 billion --followed by the NYPD, FDNY, and DOC follow paying out $4.5 billion, $1 billion, and $993 million respectively. Keep gettin' them checks. 

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[via NY Daily News] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]