This is gonna be yuuuuge. Subway etiquette is already a must in New York City. If you do not abide by these once unspoken rules you can guarantee someone will be mean muggin' you so hard your ancestors will feel the shame.

Now it feels like every car you step in will have PSA's telling not to be a pole hog, not spread manspread and not to clip your nails. The awful person in these ads is a nameless, faceless red figure until two native New Yorkers decided to change that.

Two artists, who go by Major Bigtime, have been sticking Donald Trump's face to the red guy in the subway PSA's.

Why Trump?

Well, the duo say he is a "national joke" a "reality star" and a "megalomaniac". They thought long and hard about who is the biggest "d*ck" right now and came up with the Republican Presidential hopeful.

Now, Donald is swinging from a pole, manspreading, and hoverboarding with an expression that the duo describe as a "assh*le face."

The whole result is a hysterical look at how New Yorkers see Donald Trump. This isn't the first time there has been some outrageously funny jab at Trump in NYC either. Recently someone put a tombstone in Central Park with Donald's name on it.

For a city that gets such a bad rep for being assh*les it is quite humorous to see what native assh*les think what an assh*le is. Everyone hates someone from those PSA's and to see them all presented as one person really makes you think about who we think is an assh*le.






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[via New York Daily News] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]