Remember when we told you back in February that the Columbus Circle subway station was going to be home to a new delicious hotspot

Apart from playing host to vendors like Yong Kang Street and Doughnuttery, the market will house shops like Lush, Dylan's Candy Bar, and Papyrus. 

The wait is finally over, because this new underground mall and food court is finally open. 

The mall is located on the 325-foot passageway from 57th and Eighth to the train platforms on 59th and Columbus Circle. 

Though it is located in a subway stop, you won't have to swipe $2.75 off of your precious MetroCard simply to look around the new space. 

The food court, aptly named TurnStyle, is a gourmet step up for on-the-go eating, but houses plenty of seating and tables for those who want to people-watch underground. 


The principle developer of TurnStyle, Susan E. Fine, stated, "We wanted to make a destination, someplace people want to go at 8 p.m., not just somewhere you pass on your commute." 

While we're interested to see whether or not the new space will become a destination or simply another cluster of stops on a morning commute, we're pretty jazzed about the concept. 

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[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy The New York Times]