If you've never had to sprint through the subway to catch a train, there's a high chance you're not a real New Yorker. 

And if the slow walkers in front of you aren't delaying you, then a broken turnstile or an empty MetroCard probably is. 

Until now, jumping a turnstile was considered a pretty serious offense, and your arrest could stay on your criminal record. Ouch. 

But in a new attempt to reduce criminal turnstile-jumping cases from where they currently stand at around 10,000 (WOW), the Manhattan DA is reducing the charges for such an offense. 

This news seems rather obvious to New Yorkers, considering the fact that jumping a turnstile is a non-violent misdemeanor. 

But the reason behind such a change is not just for New Yorkers' convenience. 

Rather, the Manhattan DA is choosing to enact this change in order to lessen the prosecution efforts in courts for low-level cases such as turnstile-jumping. 

This allows prosecutors to better focus their energy and attention on more serious cases, keeping the city as safe as possible. 


So while this news isn't a free pass to hop the turnstiles, it is a positive step for NY and city prison reform.

In fact, people can still face a pretty hefty $100 fine for jumping the turnstiles, so we urge you to not be that asshole. 


The city wants to drastically reduce its arrests, and this is just one step in the process to make that happen. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Reddit] [via DNAinfo]