Turns Out We're Not Getting Beer & Wine in Our Movie Theaters, Fam

Back in January, Governor Cuomo was pulling everyone on his side before the whole MTA fiasco.

Along with his proposed budget plan came one of his best ideas for the state: passing legislation to allow New York movie theaters to add beer and wine to their menus, even if they don't have a kitchen and table settings, like at the Alamo Drafthouse and Nitehawk. 

However, once the bill was brought to the state assembly floor, Albany wasn't exactly as excited for the menu addition as most New Yorkers were, Gothamist reported.

State assembly democrats have blocked the Cuomo-backed bill, so New Yorkers won't be able to enjoy a cold one as they catch this summer's biggest box office flicks.

The Debbie Downer who's squashing all the fun is Bronx Democrat and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.

His opposition stating New Yorkers should be able to "take children to a movie theater and not have to worry about the sobriety of people next to them" quickly garnered the support of the senate.

While proponents attempted to rally more support by giving localities outside of NYC the option to opt-out of letting theaters apply for liquor licenses, that measure was not enough for Heastie.


There's a serious worry you'll terrify children as you get lit at Despicable Me 3, start talking like a minion and begging movie-goers for bananas.

As a last-ditch effort, those supporters of the bill are planning another measure to gain more backing. But the group is racing against time to convince the assembly speaker to pass the bill this year.


Until then, New Yorkers will have to keep smuggling in their own booze along with the popcorn they popped at home and the cheap candy they bought at the bodega down the street.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Gothamist] 

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