If you're a true New Yorker, you know KFC stands for Korea Fried Chicken...#SorryNotSorryKentucky.

The always bumpin' K-Town never disappoints when it comes to barbecue, ramen, karaoke, and more. And if you're a true Korean food foodie, you've got your FAVORITE little hole in the wall spot that never disappoints.

Well get ready to have a new favorite spot, because Korea's "Most Popular" Fried Chicken chain just opened up in NYC!

This isn't a verified claim at the moment but, YOLO, we're optimists and we want to believe them. BB.Q Chicken (which stands for Best of the Best Quality and actually has nothing to do with the American South), has over 2,200 locations in 57 different countries, so they must be doing something right?

Again, the quality is still TBD, but they've nailed it in terms of quantity! The menu is packed with poultry offerings, all fried in their signature extra virgin olive oil or grilled delicacies like Jamaican BBQ.

Street level at their NYC flagship locale (25 West 32nd Street), is grab-and-go, and downstairs is their sit down restaurant, "Chicken & Beer". What more do you need?!

How about 'Cheeseling,' fried chicken coated in mascarpone and cheddar cheese? Or wings? Or duk-bokki (rice cakes), jjim-dak (marinated steamed chicken) and kimchi fried rice?! Or PIZZA?!


We better start with their signature Golden Olive Chicken, a serving of which comes with six pieces and pommes frites for $16.99.


Turns out BB.Q Chicken is opening a Boston location soon... Tell the Colonel to watch his back... A new KFC is taking over.

[Feature Image Courtesy Gothamist] [via Gothamist] 

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