Just when you thought Fifth Avenue couldn't get any crazier... it can. 

Time Out has reported that the popular, and always congested avenue could potentially be shut down every time the president-elect is in town, which may be much more than you might think. 

President Trump has recently said that he may split his time between The White House and Trump Tower, which could be as frequent as every weekend.

The verdict is yet to be out whether the Secret Service and NYPD will close down one lane or close down the whole avenue. Hopefully they decide on only one lane...for the sake of, you know, the entire Midtown Manhattan.  

Some other streets and avenues could experience major delays and changes, such as: East 56th, East 57th, and Madison Ave.  The list goes on...

Basically, as if Mayor de Blasio couldn't get any more pissed off at the president elect, CNNMoney projects that right now, protecting the president elect and his family costs the city over $1 million a day, which will only increase if and when he's actually president.

The Secret Service, of course, is primarily responsible for protecting the president/president elect, but local law enforcement, in this case the NYPD, are charged with assisting them– de Blasio noted he will begin the conversation about reimbursing the NYPD for police overtime and other costs.


"The number one imperative here is safety and security. We owe that to the president elect, his family and his team," said de Blasio at a press conference last Friday. 

Whatever man, we know you're salty, too.

Amongst all things, there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Trump Grill will still be open for business throughout all of this, even if we won't be getting taco trucks on every corner. 

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy The New York Post]