It's an interesting time to be in New York City. It feels like lines are being drawn. 

High school students were in the streets in an anti- Trump march, but grown men are verbally assaulting women using words from our president elect's mouth. 

That's kind of the problem, isn't it? People who align with Trump in New York are a minority, despite Trump himself being a Queens native.

In a Facebook statement (lol, we can't believe this is a thing), Governor Cuomo specifies, "As New Yorkers, we have fundamentally different philosophies than what Donald Trump laid out in his campaign."

However, obviously, considering the rise in hate crimes in literally the past week, there are New Yorkers that don't agree– Trump still got a full standing ovation when he snuck out to dinner at 21 Club yesterday. 

Despite no longer owning many of them, Trump's name is also emblazoned across many New York buildings, which obviously serves as a point of contention. Trump Tower itself, in case you're under a rock, has been a site for supporters and protestors alike for months before the actually election.

Three of the strip of buildings that make up Trump Place on the Upper West Side, however, petitioned to have Trump's name removed from the entrance of their homes. Instead, the addresses will simply be 140, 160, and 180 Riverside Boulevard.


Trump Place hasn't been owned by Trump's real estate company for a decade now, and as reported by Gothamist, the name was left on as a marketing tool.

A business owner at 140 Riverside Boulevard notes, however, "A lot of these apartments are owned by foreign businessmen. Perhaps, in foreign countries, it’s believed that the Trump brand is a sign of class. Most New Yorkers would feel otherwise." Sick burn, yo.


Officially, Equity Residential senior residential manager Mary Pawlisa explained in an e-mail, "The purpose of this change is to assume a neutral building identity that appeals to current and future tenants."

So sure, it's not an outright flip-off of the president elect but it's a pretty clear implication that the Trump name might not be attractive to potential residents. 

[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]