New York City's newest historical site has just opened honoring some of the most priceless presidential documents to date. 

You can now reminisce on Trump's good old tweets and admire his relentless Twitter habit at a free and public exhibit just a block over from Trump Tower. 

Today, Comedy Central's The Daily Show has debuted the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library for your viewing pleasure, the NY Daily News reported. 

Relive the big league hilarity of the 54th president's best tweets in a library set up as an actual presidential research center on 3 West 57th St. 

Because, you know, all the best and smartest presidents get their own libraries. It's just U.S. tradition and proves that America can be made great again through our funny bones. 

At Thursday's night's press preview, Daily Show host Trevor Noah said, "He may not be good at presidenting, or leading, or geo-politics, but he is a damn fine tweeter. Every day there is a new tweet that tells me who he is. Trump's tweets are like art."

It's not certain exactly which of the president's musings will be on display, but you'll be sure all of the words he knows and uses frequently will be there. And he knows A LOT of words. 


You'll definitely get to see the Commander in Chief's greatest hits within designated categories, like "Concerns for the Integrity of the American Presidency" and "Always the Best." 

To highlight President Trump's ridiculous contradictory opinions, the library features screens side by side showing them in his tweets on topics, like both his and former President Obama's presidential golf outings, Marco Rubio's character and whether or not the U.S. should fight Syria. 

Visitors can read up on and analyze Trump's convoluted thoughts in the section "Trumpstradamus: Trump Tweets Predicting the Future."

And of course, Trump's greatest tweet of all time–"Despite the constant negative press covfefe"–gets its own honorary display in a well-deserved ornate gold frame. 

At the library, you won't miss any of Trump's new posts. A screen showing a video feed of Trump's live Twitter feed is on display. You'll be the first to read Trump's new tweets because an alarm will sound the second one enters presidential history. 

To top it off, the display is set next to a golden toilet, most likely the throne where Trump announces all of his social media decrees. 

Unfortunately, the library only runs through the weekend from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sad!

The haters and the losers can miss it if they want. But they'll miss out on a celebration of The Donald's smarts, wealth and the remarkable work of his surprisingly small hands. 

Bad hombres are highly encouraged to attend.

[via NY Daily News] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]